2014 SDCBL Champions

The SDCBL is proud to present the 2014 championship teams:

5/6 year old age group - Coach James

Girls 7/8 - Coach Neblett

Boys 7/8 - Coach Singleton

Girls 9/11 - Coach Moore

Boys 9/10 - Coach Lamberth

Boys 11/13 - Coach Killebrew

Girls 12/14 - Coach Darden

Boys 14/16 - Coach Adkins



SDCBL at The Roxy Day

Free movie day at the Roxy Theatre in Dickson is Sunday March 9.  All players and a guest are invited to enjoy a movie on us.  Players need to wear their jersey for admission. (After you have washed them).  You can attend the movie of your choice excluding R rated.  Choose a movie in the 2ish time slot and enjoy. Attached is a link to the Roxy.



If you see Belinda Sunday, tell her thanks. We appreciate her generosity.

Exciting News From The SDCBL

The South Dickson County Basketball League (SDCBL) is working hard to prepare for this weekend's tournament.  We are extremely excited about sponsoring a "$10,000 Basketball Progressive Shot" promotion on Sunday at the Dickson Middle School. 


"Progressive" means you start from half-court and dribble (or carry) the ball to make a successful layup.  (Note:  You can make as many attempts as necessary but must be successful before advancing to the next location.)  The next location is a free throw followed by a three-point shot.  If all three previous shots are successful and are completed in the order listed, you advance to half court for a single attempt at a successful half-court shot.  If you successfully make all four shots from the different locations..... you win $10,000!!!


Admission to the championship tournament is FREE and tickets for the $10,000 promotion is FREE!!! 


The Board of Directors for the SDCBL is providing this promotion to express our sincere appreciation for the support of our players, coaches, parents, grandparents, fans, referees and others who have contributed to making the SDCBL the quality program it is today.  Since you must be present to win (duh!), make plans now to come out on Sunday and see the championship games at the Dickson Middle School.  Tipoffs are scheduled at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.






YES!  You have 4 opportunities to be selected to win $10,000.  So, get there early!  Pass the word....we look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday at the Dickson Middle School.

The SDCBL is on Twitter!

Follow us at @SDCBL for the latest news and tournament updates this weekend!

Adhering to the Code

In light of some recent issues relating to the failure of the SDCBL Board of Directors, Coaches, Parents, Players, Score Keepers, and Referees to live up to our commitment to the league's Code of Conduct, please join us in reaffirming our position within the SDCBL. 
The Code of Conduct policy was established by the SDCBL and agreed to by every registered participant and parent to ensure that our league could continue to provide a safe environment conducive to the learning and building of character, sportsmanship and respect.  It is clear from recent events that a recommitment to adhering to this Code is needed.
To continue with the success of the program, individual Board members are reaffirming our commitment to the SDCBL by better communicating our objectives and supporting policies created to maintain the highest level of quality in all aspects of our organization (Referees, Score Keepers, Coaches, Parents and Children).
 Some key words used in our Code of Conduct are: FUN, Game for Kids, Character, Role Model, Respect and Sportsmanship.
In order to achieve the goals of the SDCBL and the ideals set forth in the Code of Conduct, a strict ZERO-TOLERANCE approach will be in effect at all venues for the next two weeks, as well as for seasons to come. 
Again please join us in reaffirming your position within the SDCBL by supporting this policy.  It is EVERYONE’s responsibility to encourage and support the youth directly involved with the SDCBL.  It is also EVERYONE’s responsibility to help identify instances where behavior displayed from anyone in attendance at SDCBL events is in violation of the Code of Conduct policy.

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for behavior inconsistent with the policy.
We would like to thank you again for your continued commitment to helping make the SDCBL a league we can all be proud of.  The continued success and growth of the league is only possible through everyone's continued hard work and dedication.


SDCBL - Respect for our facilities

The SDCBL is entering into the next-to-the-last week of the regular season, Week 7.  So far, the fourth year of SDCBL has been a HUGE success.  With a record number of participants, 417, the SDCBL has far exceeded expectations.  This year also unveiled a new logo and slogan for the League.  The new logo (which is printed on every player's game jersey) has received very positive feedback.  Our slogan (CHARACTER - SPORTSMANSHIP - RESPECT) has also been received with positive results as those three words sum up the SDCBL's overall intent.

As we near the end of the season, lets us ALL keep focus on RESPECT.....especially when it comes to respecting other's property.  We have had a few incidents where poorly supervised SDCBL players (or siblings) have destroyed or damaged SDCBL property or school property.  Some of the damage you may consider to be petty or "kids just being kids."


Every Board Member of the SDCBL takes great pride in the use of the facilities we have been afforded the priviledge to play at and sacrifice time and money in returning the venues in a better condition than received.  We want to take this opportunity to REMIND you once again to watch over your children and take care of the facilities that have been on loan to us.   We want to make sure we continue the success of the SDCBL into year five! 


There are Board Members assigned to each venue on game days.  If you see something that needs attention (facility or children), please bring it to our attention so we can address the problem.  You can find us at the "entrance table" at each gym.


Thank you for your attention to this matter! 

Scenes of the Season

Week 1 action - Boys 14-16

Tucker Seagraff at the line... shooting two!

SDCBL President Robby Walker pulls double duty as referee.  Stripes are so slimming!

Inbound Play

Calling in the subs

Players Only Meeting

Coaching them up!

Setting up a play